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Last updated on Monday, April 1, 2024

There are many ways that one can use to cleanse. We are going to talk about the ways I use. I want to teach you at least one good system that you can use to cleanse yourselves with. You will have a few to choose from and I don’t care which one you choose to use just so long as you pick one and use it. As I have stated at the starting of this lesson, you must keep yourself spiritually cleansed. This is so very important. You will have to get in the habit of doing this; then it will come as second nature to you.

Some of the ways you can cleanse yourself are so easy, and they are not time consuming that it would be stupid not to use them. After all we are talking about your spiritual person here. We touched on this in the last class, but I thought it important enough to do a whole lesson on. This is the first thing you need to learn before you do any kind of conjure work. Also as I stated you need to keep yourself cleansed so you don’t have any blocks and you can have success in your life.

Just being around negative people all day can draw that type of energies to our selves. I know and understand that we are all busy during our day; and we are tired by the time the day is through. You just have to take the time to do this. It is very important! Below you will find a few different ways to cleanse yourself. This is by no means all of them.Remember to cleanse those feet; this is very important!

The Chicken Foot 

The chicken foot is a wonderful tool to use for cleansing. The chicken scratches up messes! So by scratching your self lightly with the chicken foot you will be removing the negative energy from yourself. This is a simply but effective way to keep yourself clean!

The Cleansing Sprinkle 

For this you need a bottle and a sprinkler head; the kind like was used in the old days for ironing. To your bottle you add, salt, Florida water, Holy water, and fill the rest with water from a faucet. Once you have it ready you sprinkle yourself with it while praying Psalm 23. Remember to do those feet!


A small whisk or fan the whole dried wing of a black hen or buzzard, may be used to cleanse and take off jinxes. I use a whole Turkey wing for brushing, this works well because the Turkey is known to gobble things up. To remove a crossed condition you sweep downward, while praying that the condition be removed and you be cleansed.

Rub Down

An alcohol base is used to make a spiritual rub down. You add your herbs to the alcohol and pray over it. Then you rub yourself in a downward motion while praying.

Cleansing by Incense

Smoke can also be used to cleanse and to remove block conditions. When I cleanse a client using this method I cover them with a white sheet and set the incense pot under the sheet. Don’t cover your head. Once the incense has gone out I brush them down, always going in a downward motion to remove. Sulfur and be burned in the home to cleanse it.

Candle Cleansing

You can use a black candle to cleanse away a crossed or jinxed condition. Take you candle and wipe yourself in a downward motion; while praying that the candle draw the condition off of you and remove it to the sender.

Cleansing Prayer

If you feel that you have a crossed condition then you need to read Isaiah 41 for at least three consecutive days. This pray is very powerful and will remove anything that is on you.

How To Do an Epsom Salt Burn

You will need:

  • A heat safe bowl such as Pyrex or an old coffee mug
  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol (high percentage alcohol) aka surgical spirits
  • Epsom salts
  • A long stemmed match
  • A pot lid or something that can quickly extinguish the fire if it gets out of hand

Place 1/4 cup of Epsom salts into your heat safe vessel. If you’re using a bowl, make sure the surface beneath the bowl will not be damaged by heat. I personally use a Pyrex measuring cup that I can hold by the handle and carry through the rooms of my house.

Gently pour isopropyl rubbing alcohol/surgical spirits onto the salts. You want your salts to be damp, not soaking. If you’ve poured too much alcohol, add a little more salt. If you try to light the salts and the flame burns weakly, you’ve added too little alcohol. The ratio is about 2:1 Epsom salts to alcohol. Take caution you’ve not accidentally poured alcohol on your hands or clothes.

Make sure everyone at home is part of this ceremony. There should be a firm intention to clear through any stagnant energy. Ask for assistance from your guides, angels, ancestors, or God. Open windows to assist old energy in leaving the home.

When you’re ready to begin, light a long stemmed match or taper. Touch the flame to the salt/alcohol mixture. It will instantaneously ignite and burn blue with a little bit of yellow flame. If you’re getting too much yellow flame, you’ve put too much alcohol into the mixture. If you feel as if the flame is burning unsafely high, smother it with a pot lid, which will extinguish it. Add a little more salt to the mixture and try again. The good thing about the burn is that there’s no smells or smoke.

When you’ve successfully lit the salts, imagine the blue flame eating up all the dense, stagnant, and negative energy. Affirm that it’s leaving the home. The flame will burn as long as it has to and when it is done will simply sputter out. If your vessel can be carried safely through out the house, move through each room you want to clear, affirming again that dense energy is leaving the home.

Afterward, discard the cooled salt down Get rid them (some people flush them in the toilet and some people prefer to bury them, I prefer to rid of them completely and not flush them or bury them) away negative energy. Say a prayer of thanks to your deity of choice or spirit protector for helping you clear the energy of your home. Ask that the energy be sent back to source with love and forgiveness.

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