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About Mystic Lantern

Meet Sedra

Sedra is a spiritual teacher and reader. She first learned she had a gift when she was 10 years old, and started doing readings for her mother and sister.
It wasn’t long before Sedra was doing readings for their friends. Over the next few years, she developed her gift. It was also during this time that she made her first contact with a spirit, her grandfather, who had passed a few years earlier. At first, she questioned what was happening. He had a message for her Mother, and after a little hesitation, Sedra decided to deliver it. Her mother was shocked at the accuracy of the information she received, and even more surprised when the predictions began to come true.
Over the past few years, Sedra has always felt that she was destined to do more. The result is Mystic Lantern. The journey towards finding peace starts from within, and together we can explore life's true possibilities. We hope you find it uplifting, and insightful.


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