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Last updated on Wednesday, June 8, 2011


If you are planning to obtain a Spirit Reading from Sedra, this article will help you get the most out of your experience. Please understand Sedra doesnt answer questions on how or when somone will die, she believes only GOD has the answer to that.

Planning Ahead

If you have a live reading (a live text chat) you should write down some notes or questions in advance of your reading. It will be helpful for you if you have a short list of topics and questions that you would like to ask during the session. If you are requesting a long email reading, you can ask specific question(s) or simply request a general reading.

Validate where Possible

When you receive a response to your reading, it may not immediately make sense. This is normal and no reason for concern. Often, outcomes are not yet determined and sometimes, the information we're given only becomes clear with time. Always remember that we have free will. An outcome may be changed, depending on our choices. If your reading result seems to be somewhat negative, you have the power to change it. 

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Sometimes, Spiritual Readings can be a surprise, and not always a pleasant one. If you are looking for someone to tell you that what you are doing (or planning) is okay, ask your friends. They will tell you what you want to hear, whether it's right or wrong. Do not expect that from your reading. Readings are the truth as seen by the Spiritualist. You're free to disagree, of course. Do not be offended if you do not like what you hear. Just take in the information, and give it reasonable consideration and time. Regardless of the content of a reading, you - and you alone - decide your path.

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