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How I Answer Readings

The number one question I get asked is how do I do my readings, when I have never met the person face to face. I know it seem and sounds very complex, but truly it isn’t. Many people assume I read their minds or I have the use of tarot cards, crystals or other tools, but the none of this is true. I simply use the amazing thing called the spirit. We all have one and we all use it. The truth is that many people ask me what is a spirit reading, and often time they are amazed when I do a reading. It truly depends on how open a person is or how closed off they are. Know that not everyone who comes to me for a reading is open minded.

Many people are unsure if I can truly help them and others are down right scared to have it done, scared of what it will tell them and I have had many people get a reading done, not listen to it at all, and come back to me months later and tell me I was right. Then there are the ones who are very open and very easy to read because of it, and these are my favorite people to read because the information just flows right to me from them. Many people may assume that I have the use of spirit guides and these are very important, however not everyone knows nor do they speak to their guides.

When this happens I am forced to rely on just the spirit to help me. If someone is full of negative energy surrounding them, It makes it harder for me to read them. You see, your spirit communicates with their spirit guides. Our spirits freely flow and try to communicate with you and then to me. If you are too confused or not willing to listen, it will often try another way. Sometimes people will even tell me "I don’t know how I got to your site or found you". This is often how your spirit speaks to you, helping guide you to a more solid answer. Sometimes this is what we need and want. Something in print, not really in our head, or gut.

I have often had people ask me, how can you give a reading without the use of birthdate? 

This is because the body has a birthdate, but your spirit/soul doesn’t hold the same. It does however know your birth name.  By given a false brith name, I cant read, nor connect to your spirit correctly.So please always give you birth name. if you given a false name your reading will most likely not be accurate.

My goal is to get in touch with your spirit, not your mind and find the core answer to your question, not what you think you want to hear. I deliver what your spirit tells me you need to hear.

My main tool in all my readings is meditation. It helps me connect with your spirit/ spirit guides and help me guide you with the answer it provides.

Hope this informations is helpful.

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